About The Association


The Association is a non-profit legal entity for carrying out activity in PUBLIC BENEFIT with SEAT AND ADDRESS OF MANAGEMENT: Sofia City – 1680, Sofia Municipality, KRASNO VILLAGE District, 7 – Zvanika Street, 9, floor 1, ap. 2

The association is registered with the Registry Agency – BULSTAT register with UIC / Bulstat /: 177185616

The main goals of the association   are:

  1. Raising funds for the making of an iconostasis and painting of the church “Tsar Boris Postirist” in the village of Trigrad, Devin municipality, Smolyan and its support;
  2. Preservation and exhibition of cultural monuments and financial support of other temples and monasteries on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria;
  3. Development and validation of spiritual and moral values, education and culture;
  4. Preservation and presentation of the Bulgarian cultural and historical heritage, preservation and popularization of the folk crafts, folkloric identity and the traditional customs of the Bulgarian people;
  5. Protect, support, preserve and revive Bulgarian spiritual and national values ​​and traditions;
  6. Preservation of native memory, authentic beliefs and customs through gathering activity and organization of exhibitions, plenary and festivals, concerts and restorations;
  7.  Educating and promoting national self-awareness and patriotism;
  8. Preservation and popularization of our natural sights, historical, architectural, ethnographic, religious and cultural monuments and traditions;
  9. Improving the quality of the environment in the Republic of Bulgaria and protecting the environment on a regional scale;
  10. Dissemination of environmental knowledge and enhancing public ecological awareness;
  11. Informing the public about the work of the Association and reflecting specific initiatives and endeavors related to the accomplishment of the set objectives and tasks.

The main means of achieving the goals of the association are:

  1. Supporting the construction and restoration and maintenance of temples and monasteries on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria;
  2. Development and support of amateur artistic creativity and our authentic folk crafts;
  3. Organization of schools, courses, cinema and video editions, celebrations and celebrations;
  4. Providing information, advertising and cultural-educational activities;
  5. Organizing and conducting donation and charity events and mass campaigns for volunteer work;
  6. Creating, maintaining and updating the website of the Association;
  7. Organizing and conducting educational and propaganda events to disseminate environmental knowledge and enhance environmental awareness;
  8. Issuing and distributing materials for preservation of our cultural heritage, folk crafts and traditions and the purity of Bulgarian nature;
  9. Organization of meetings, educational courses, summer schools, workshops, seminars, lectures, conferences, exhibitions and other public and educational events;
  10. Development and distribution of information products and materials in connection with the realization of the goals of the Association;
  11. Cooperation with state and municipal authorities, institutions and structures for realization of the objectives of the Association;
  12. Informing about the activity of the association through the media and the press;
  13. Conducting joint activities with related organizations in the country and abroad;
  14. Analyze, summarize and popularize the results of the association’s projects;
  15. Making contacts with business and non-profit organizations to provide sponsorship and other partnership conditions.

The activity of the association is a business activity consisting of the publication of own printed publications, visual products and information materials, organization of educational courses and programs, advertising and information activity, consultancy services, management and leasing of own property, as well as other activities for which there is no legal prohibition, as the Association will not distribute profit and the funds received will be used only for the achievement of the objectives of the Association.

Questions about accounting and accounting are treated by our tax legislation. The greatest guarantee of transparency of our finances and accountability is that we are registered for public benefit in a special register of the Ministry of Justice, where we submit an annual activity report subject to audit every year, our annual financial statements are announced at the entries and is public, subject to control and at any time, if irregularities are found, we may be deprived of our status and the association terminated. We also have a registration with the State Agency for National Security. The law does not allow us to change the status of public to private benefit.