Construction of the Chapel “St. Sofia, Faith, Hope and Love”

In the oldest mountain of Europe, the Rhodope Mountains, a village with a millennial history is torn down. Village Trigrad – preserved beauty, unique nature, mighty canyons, bottomless caves, legends and mysticism. Here religions have lived for centuries, and the population proves to the world that faith is based on Love, understanding and mutual aid.

With respect to the local population and for the glorification of the Christian faith we unite with the idea of building an Orthodox temple (chapel) – “St. Sofia, Faith, Hope and Love” over the village of Trigrad in the Kraevo area, near the Roman road leading to the Aegean Sea, next to the Slav necropolis, a place obvious and spiritual. It was chosen not by chance, but God’s purpose and hope to be Strength and Respect for local and passing people.

With a request and hope for sympathy to support the construction of the chapel “St. Sofia, Faith, Hope and Love”.

We thank Endlessly to the Municipality of Devin in the face of the Mayor, Mr. Krasimir Daskalov and Chief Architect – Mrs. Mariana Perfanova, who are actively involved in the implementation of the project.

Chapel – Project

Place of the chapel