“Tvorilnica” (Creative workshop) under the heading of “Let rediscover Trigrad by creation and music”

A place, that keeps the miracle of the originality, makes a long arm for sharing.

For four consecutive years in one of the most wonderful recesses in the Rodope mountains – Trigrad, we organize a culture forum “Tvorilnica” – outdoor studios, exhibitions, performances, short films, concerts.

At the beginning started as a meeting of unanimous creators and followers, the forum “Tvorilnica” became a place for spiritual communion and creativity among actors, musicians, ethnos jazz, creators that attract multiple audiences.

Here the local custom, dishes, distinctive creativity and music are mixed with the modern art, ethnos jazz, sculpture and ceramics, in search of the common roots.

The tendency shows a solid development and growing interest from artists and audiences. So far, we organize the event with our own inner power and resources, but the scale, that the event acquires, forces us to look for a co-operation.

Hoping that you support this forum in the capacity of our sponsor.

With more resources, we would welcome the announced to come foreign artists, more creators and audience.